Our Story

The IBG Insitute was founded in 2013. We are by engineers, for engineers. Collectively, we believe that the best way to learn is to do, and the best way to get a job is to learn to do what is relevant and in-demand. We are a non-profit tech-training institute (registered 501(c)3) and our goal is simple--lower the cost to access world-class training opportunities and job placement services. We know that the biggest opportunities for economic mobility, and career mobility are in the areas of technology and Software Engineering. We believe that students should not have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to access the training they need to succeed. We also believe that the U.S. college and university system is completely out of synch with the job market, and it will continue to diverge from relevance over the next decade. We started this program to deliver relevant, no-nonsense tech training and job placement opportunities to those that are willing to do the work!

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“The price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand.”

Vince Lombardi

Who We Are

We are engineers and instructors, dedicated to delivering something different in the marketplace. We have seen first-hand the power of a strong, hand-on tech skills program. We have seen how lives have been changed through mastery and application of key technological concepts and skills. We've seen the unemployed move quickly into gainful employment, and we've seen "unemployable" individuals go to making six figures in a very short amount of time. We are obsessed with delivering no-nonsense training programs that optimally position the student to get jobs. THE JOB IS OUR #1 FOCUS!

What We Do

We Train Engineers. We take people as they are, and put together programs designed to help anyone succeed in technology and software engineering. We dont care about economic or educational background. We lay out the blueprint, and expect our students to execute within whatever time constraints they have, to complete all material.

We are optimists, but we don't sugar-coat the process. Finish the work we give you, you will be ready to earn and do well in today's tech economy. If you do not finish or complete the work, you are not ready. Its really that simple. We know that anyone can do the work if they apply themselves, but we also know that different people learn at different rates, so we have structured our programs to be self-paced and results-oriented.

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