Apply As Instructor

Please give us a call at 866 611 3604 to discuss becoming an instructor.

Lead Instructors must have the following qualifications:

  • 1. 10+ years industry experience as a software engineer
  • 2. 10 favorable references from industry contacts, collegues, customers
  • 3. 10,000+ total billed/worked hours as a senior software engineer
  • 4. All instructors must pass our teaching and coding tests

How To Become A Teacher

Submit your resume/cover letter to, and give us a call at 866-611-3604 x 333

Register to become a teacher

You have to to fill out this form

IBG has an extensive process for becoming an instructor. There are reference checks, background checks, and technical competency tests that must be passed. Teachers must also supply any relevant certifications they hold.
Please submit your github profile and code samples to
TA and Lead instructors must demonstrate mastery of the course material for the class they desire to teach. Please submit all your completed assignment materials to