Jobs. That is what this is all about. There is no point in spending your hard-earned money and time on training if there is no clear path to getting a great job at the end. Today’s economy demands skills. If you don’t have them, nobody cares how many years you’ve been in school or what degree you have. We are the only program that guarantees that you will get a great paying job if you complete one of our 12-month programs.

Technology is everywhere. Technology experts are very rare. The workplace is becoming more software-driven every day. Those that do not keep up get left behind. Companies don’t care if you only have a high school diploma–if you can demonstrate that you have the knowledge to help them better navigate their I.T. challenges, you will get hired. That’s​ where we specialize. A mid-tier to senior I.T. engineer can earn over $3,000,000 in their career if trained appropriately.