Training and Hiring Program FAQ

Simply put, the training and hiring program is a program designed to create great engineers, quickly and cost-effectively. We have developed a proprietary learning system that facilitates industry-ready I.T. training and development.

As each day goes by, there is an increasing need for strong I.T Engineers in all areas of the economy. Companies, both large and small, are continuously increasing their investments in technology, because they know that technology, implemented efficiently , will significantly enhance profit margins and minimize overhead. Currently there are over 3.5 million open I.T engineering jobs available, but these jobs cannot be filled because there simply are not enough skilled resources to fill the vacancies.

The IBG Team is a team comprised of some of the brightest most experienced engineers/trainers in the I.T Industry. With over 30 years of I.T. experience and with over 200 fortune 500 I.T. companies/projects under our belts, IBG has one of the largest repositories of on-the job skills training and I.T. skills learning tools in the world. The training and hiring program taps those resources and exposes them to all that participate in the progam. Whether you are a student in the program or on the job, the vast body of knowledge, skill, and experience is accessible on a 24×7 basis. Decades of experience will be at our engineer’s fingertips whenever it is needed.

The training and hiring program is an innovative program in that it teaches students, the skills needed to (a) Identify I.T. trends (b) function at a very high level of technical proficiency very quickly, regardless of previous experience (c) implement the skills learned in a fast-paced, real-time production environment. I.T. skills covered include the following:

Frontend framework development
Frontend Web/Mobile Development
Native and Hybrid Mobile Development, QA, Testing

We offer two paths for our programs:

1. 1-month tech training intro, $399.00. Student receives 8 live lectures, and 20 assignments during a 30 day period. Students often take this class when the are determining if I.T is an ideal career path. Students obtain a certificate of completion, which they can leverage at their existing jobs.

Q: Do you have full time options available?
A: Yes, many of the candidates will be hired onto IBG full time, with benefits. We will extend offers based on performance in the class.

Q: When are the classes?
A: Classes will occur throughout the week, usually 2 nights per week. The classes are virtual and onsite. In addition to class material, you will have specific tasks to execute based on your own individual skill level.