Training and Hiring Program FAQ

Simply put, the training and hiring program is a program designed to create great engineers, quickly and cost-effectively. We have developed a proprietary learning system that facilitates industry-ready I.T. training and development.

As each day goes by, there is an increasing need for strong I.T Engineers in all areas of the economy. Companies, both large and small, are continuously increasing their investments in technology, because they know that technology, implemented efficiently , will significantly enhance profit margins and minimize overhead. Currently there are over 3.5 million open I.T engineering jobs available, but these jobs cannot be filled because there simply are not enough skilled resources to fill the vacancies.

The IBG Team is a team comprised of some of the brightest most experienced engineers/trainers in the I.T Industry. With over 30 years of I.T. experience and with over 200 fortune 500 I.T. companies/projects under our belts, IBG has one of the largest repositories of on-the job skills training and I.T. skills learning tools in the world. The training and hiring program taps those resources and exposes them to all that participate in the progam. Whether you are a student in the program or on the job, the vast body of knowledge, skill, and experience is accessible on a 24×7 basis. Decades of experience will be at our engineer’s fingertips whenever it is needed.

The training and hiring program is an innovative program in that it teaches students, the skills needed to (a) Identify I.T. trends (b) function at a very high level of technical proficiency very quickly, regardless of previous experience (c) implement the skills learned in a fast-paced, real-time production environment. I.T. skills covered include the following:

Unix/Linux Systems Administration (Senior Level)
Middleware Administration( Senior Level)
Frontend framework development
Frontend Web/Mobile Development
Native and Hybrid Mobile Development, QA, Testing
Cloud and DevOps
Application Performance Management
Project Managment
Business Analyst

We offer four certificate paths for our programs:

1. 12-18 month training and hiring program.
Reverse Tuition. Upon completion, candidate obtains our Advanced Software Engineer Certificate . Upon completion , candidate is required to begin paying back the tuition on a 4-6 year time frame, monthly. NOTE. IBG hires candidates out of this program for internal work. If candidate is selected to work for IBG , the candidate is obligated to work as an IBG employee for 4 years, and the candidate’s tuition is waived. Employees gets performance-based raises each year. Candidate must be accepted into the program.

2. 12-18 month training and hiring $145,000.00 tuition paid up front or financed. Upon completion, candidate obtains our Advanced Software Engineer Certificate.
Financing options available.

The program duration is 12-18 months. Students opt to pay their tuition up front, or by making payments throughout the training. Payments will continue through employment, until the student repays the balance. There is no obligation to work exclusively for IBG under this arrangement.

3. 1-month tech training intro, $199.00. Student receives 12 live lectures, and 20 assignments during a 30 day period. Students often take this class when the are determining if I.T is an ideal career path. Students obtain a certificate of completion, which they can leverage at their existing jobs.

Under options 1 and 2, IBG will continuously train student until he/she gets a job. Initial student salaries range from 90-130k per year, and escalate each year. This is our most popular option because there is no acceptance required, and students are guaranteed to get jobs.

The program duration is initially 12 months, but can extend to 2+ years. There is no obligation to work exclusively for IBG under this arrangement, but repayment must begin on job start.

4. IBG Bootcamp/Training: ($999.00-5999.00)

These programs provides 1 to 3 months of intensive exposure to programming, troubleshooting, and systems administration. Some of our students have even been able to go on and get great jobs just from the bootcamp. NOTE : IBG does not guarantee that individuals will get a job based on these programs. The training and hiring program is the only program in which we GUARANTEE that the student will get a job.

We have financing options available for this training. Please ask one of our representatives about financing your bootcamp education. Email for more details.


Q: Are you hiring?

A: Yes. Our primary goal is to hire our students. We have tens of thousands of I.T. positions that we are looking to fill every day. Many of our students go on to become successful engineers. If you have the skills and the technical abilities that we need, our recruiting arm can get you on a contract position very quickly or hire you directly into the company. If you would like to be on our job email list, please send a note to

Q: Do you all have a school?
A: We’re a software development, consulting and education company based out of Charlotte NC , we are planning facilities in DC and San Francisco. We are a private software/engineering company with a training institute and staffing organization for technical education. Our sister company, IBG Software is a global staffing and consulting company that places contractors and full-time engineers everywhere. On the education side, we offer both tuition-based training, scholarships, and financed training options. We are also hiring every day.

We develop and train highly skilled consultants, very quickly and efficiently.

100% of our students obtain an I.T. contract or position within 8 months of training completion. Many have gone from an unemployed status to a highly in-demand consultant. IBG hires its students as part of the training an hiring program. Prospective students are invited to apply, and hired based on performance.

You obtain a certificate when you complete any of the classes. Under the 12 month program you will also obtain other industry – standard certifications.

Q: How does the boot camp program work?

A: The 4 -12 week program provides a great set of introductory and intermediate training for anyone that wants it. Students can significantly improve their technical aptitude and increase their chances of getting an I.T. job with this training alone.

The bootcamp program provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate that they are truly dedicated to improving and mastering the course material. Any student that misses more than 3 assignments, or that has more than 4 unexcused absences will be removed from the program and not be eligible to re-enroll for 6 months.

Q: Why tuition so expensive?

A: $145,00.00-160,000 is not expensive for our program. We guarantee results, and guarantee that you get a job. And the numbers speak for themselves. 100% of our graduates are earning over $120,000 per year within 1 year of graduating from our program. Some have even hit $200,000 USD in one calendar year, with no prior technical experience. There is no magic here. It all about hard work, dedication, and having a great plan! Those that pay or finance full tuition will realize the largest salary boost because they are not obligated to work for IBG and can immediately become independent I.T. contractors. You will be able to earn 150k or better per year for the rest of your life 🙂 Furthermore, as you continue to train, your earning potential only continues to increase. Projected income through the average I.T engineer with our base skill set is $3.0-4.0 Million in a career.

If you are serious about your future and career, you need to be serious about investing in your own technical education and training. Otherwise you will be left behind.

Q: Why is there such a big price difference between programs?

A: Our training and hiring programs guarantee jobs, involve actual job preparation and assistance. Our bootcamps do not guarantee jobs and have no follow-on training requirements. 60% of our bootcamp students go on to get great jobs based on the skills they learn.

Q: Can you explain the financing options available if I wanted to pay my tuition?

A: You can finance your education the following ways (a) Full payment of tuition prior to start (b) Internal financing and payment plan through IBG. ( subject to approval) (C) Repayment when work starts ( candidate must be approved)

A: IBG officially offers the following options: (1) Full tuition financed. Once employed, student pays a larger amount per month until balance is cleared. We will not charge the student until he/she is working in a field we have trained them for. (2) Student pays partial tuition up front and finances the rest. (3) Student is accepted into the Training and hiring program contract, pays nothing, trains indefinitely, and works exclusively for IBG for 4 years ONLY ACCEPTED STUDENTS CAN PARTICIPATE IN THIS PROGRAM!

Other options are available depending on the amount the student is able to make as far as down payment.


A: If you opt for our 12-18 month financed options ( pay during class, or pay only after you have completed) IBG guarantees that you will get a job as long as you (a) do not have criminal record that will impede the hiring process (b) fully complete all requirements in the training program. We will continue to train and prepare you at zero additional cost until you are employed in the field–we don’t care how long it takes.

Q: What is the catch?

A: There is no catch. If you work hard you will be rewarded. If you complete the rigorous training system we have, you’ll be a very skilled engineer and will be able to command a commensurate salary/pay rate. There is no school out there offering this level of training and relevance to the current I.T. workplace. Our curricula stay in sync with the lightening-fast changes that regularly occur in the I.T world. The key determining factor for success will always be consistent hard work. If you do not work hard we cannot guarantee anything. We do not make any grand promises. You must convince yourself that you want to do better for your self and your family, and be committed to working very hard on the material presented. In 1 year we teach you what it has taken us over two decades to learn, from programming all the way down to handling yourself in the corporate workplace. What you get out of I.E.D.P. is directly proportionate to what you put in. We provide the guidance , information, and the pathway to get there but we don’t carry anyone.

Q: Is the class free?
A: THE CLASS IS NOT FREE!! Our only truly free option is through our non-profit arm, aimed at taking disadvantaged students from 17-24 and training them. All other students must pay/finance their tuition for the full 12-18 month program OR be selected to start to working exclusively with IBG for 4 years upon completion.

Engineers that come through the training and hiring program are required to work for IBG as an exclusive employee for 4 years. This means once you complete your training with us, you will not be permitted to become an independent I.T. contractor until your time with us is up. Think military R.O.T.C. scholarship. We expect a term of service with us in return for taking care of your tuition expenses. You will be paid a salary while working exclusively for us as well.

If you go out online and search for training courses in the technologies we cover (with live teachers and teaching assistants), you will see pricing in the range of $5,000.00-$6,000.00 PER WEEK. These technologies are running our economy now and will be for the near future, so it is very costly to pick them up on an a-la-carte basis. At current rates, the value of the IEDP training 12 months annually is approximately $145,000.00-160,000.00 per year, per student. It costs less to our students because we have been able to streamline our process in a unique way and reduce the costs. This makes the knowledge more accessible to the students that need it.

Q: Do I have an obligation to IBG for the training if I sign the contract and I am accepted into the training and hiring program?
A: Yes. All students accepting the IBG Contract option will be required to sign an agreement with IBG stating that they will be exclusive to IBG for 4 years.This does not stop you from being a contractor for any other company, but IBG will be your primary contract employer for the duration of the term. IBG will be training you with an invaluable skillset that you can leverage for your entire working career, but this training is VERY expensive at market rates(roughly 5000.00 per week per student). We estimate that it will take approximately 12-18 months to get the students prepared (based on individual situation) to work, but we we make it mandatory that all students continue to attend class and develop their skills nonstop. By the end of the IBG contract term, you’ll have 5+ years of industry grade training and development under your belt. The primary element here is that IBG contract students will generally earn 30%-40% less per year than their counterparts that have opted for the financed tuition plan.

The most important point is that we do not stop until you get a job!! IBG will continue to train you for however long it takes you to get a job at no additional expense to you. Your success is our success.

Q: What if I don’t want the 4 year obligation to your company.

A: We have tuition based options as well. You can pay the entire tuition for any offering, or get financing on your own orvia our student financing department. Email for more details. When you pay for your full tuition, you have no contract or obligation to IBG. If you are interested in paying full tuition, contact

Q: How much will I make after I complete the training and hiring program?

A: It depends on your dedication and drive. We have consultants that make anywhere from 60k to well into six figures within 6-8 months of completing the training. Again you determine how far you go. Here are our average salary ranges our students see after completing the program.

FULL IBG Contract (4 years obligation)

Year 1 : 60-61,000.00
Year 2: 70,000.00
Year 3: 75,000.00
Year 4: 80,000.00
Year 5: 115,000.00
Year 6: 120,000+

NO IBG Contract (Full tuition paid by student)

Year 1 : 100,000.00
Year 2: 110,000.00
Year 3: 115,000.00
Year 4: 120,500.00
Year 5: 125,000.00
Year 6: 150,000+

Q: What is the minimum amount that I can make through the IBG as an IBG employee Is there a maximum?

A: 60,000.00 per year, and thats year 1. There is no upper income cap. This means that you will take home at least $60,000 per year in your first year as long as you work with IBG. Your upper earning potential is largely dependent upon your skill level, and desire to become an even better professional. A number of consultants have tripled their salaries to well over $150,000 per year after completion of the program, but the onus is on you to work hard and be focused. Also, if you chose to pay for the tuition fully, you can become an independent contractor ( with no obligation to IBG) and make any where from 120-150k your first year out.

Q: What if I quit?
A: IBG does not encourage quitting the program for any reason. If for some reason life circumstances force you to change your training speed, we understand that and will put together a revised custom training program to meet your circumstances. That being said, if there a student decides to quit, we have a process that handles each situation on a case-by-case basis. We put time and effort into each of our students way before they have the potential to make money in this arena, so we expect a strong commitment in return from students. We expect students to put in careful consideration when deciding to move forward with training. Remember, your success is our success.

Q: Do I get paid to train?

A: IBG trains a small set of our students under a paid program. This is a special arrangement and it is based on elegibility. In general, you should approach this as if you were attending a 4-year college or technical university that helps you land a job if you complete the program. You must pass a number of exams, and be in our office for at least 20 hours per week as well.

Q: How long is the program going to last?

A: As long as it takes to get you prepared for your career. Your participation and exam results will let us know how well you’ve prepared yourself beyond the training. Either way, IBG will actively train you until you are prepared and ready to work as an expert in the technologies taught. Each cycle will last 12 months. If you require more time or special assistance, IBG provides office hours 12 hours per day. From 8am to 8pm EST, all of our students can call in with questions on assignments, exams, or anything I.T related. Teaching assistants also have hours from 8 to 11PM.

Q: Can I work a second or third job?
A: Absolutely. In fact, IBG will help you get additional work with our business partners on an hourly basis where possible. Some of our consultants have multiple contracts. Multiple opportunities are not guaranteed, and are dependent upon availability and existing job requirements.

Q: Do you have shorter-duration classes?
A: Absolutely. IBG holds 4-12 week custom I.T. training bootcamps throughout the year. The tuition is $999.00 and financing/partial scholarships are available as well. Please email for more details.

Q: Can I continue to train after I get a contract position?
A: Yes. Continuation is mandatory for all students. We want all students honing their skills for the entire duration of their iBG contract. This means that students are required to continue night classes and education even while they are working on the job.

Q: Do you have full time options available?
A: Yes, many of the candidates will be hired onto IBG full time, with benefits. We will extend offers based on performance in the class.

Q: What are the I.T. restrictions of the IBG contract?
A: We will train you to be experts on the current set of in-demand skill areas (java, middleware, networking, linux, objective-c, ruby-on-rails, perl,php,mobile technologies, etc as designated in the contract)

Q: What happens if my contract gets cut or I lose my job ?
A: You will be paid a reduced rate and continue education. This is our bench program. This means you will not go without income if you lose a job opportunity and our recruiting staff will work rigorously to procure additional employment opportunities for you. We will not leave you hanging !

Q: When are the classes?
A: Classes will occur throughout the week, usually 2-3 nights per week. The classes are virtual and onsite. In addition to class material, you will have specific tasks to execute based on your own individual skill level.

Q: How do the classes work?
A: The classes are very similar to any other instructor-led online courses that you may have encountered. All class sessions have a live instructor that conducts a class lecture. The lecture is backed by presentations and other course materials. Regular online examinations are schedule d and all students are expected to attend all classes/participate in all exams

Q: How fast can I get a job?
A: Depends on how hard you work. Some people start interviewing and get hired in weeks. Others take longer. You really determine how fast you go here and we place no limits. We provide everything you need to become a professional, but we have no way to gauge your overall determination and commitment except by how you push during the training.

Q: How do I get started?
A: email us at

Q: Do you offer scholarships?

A. Our scholarships are typically need-based and merit-based. We generally offer them to the economically disadvantaged and underrepresented applicant pools through our non-profit organization, the I.E.D.P.
please send the following to +

1. name

2. address

3. phone number

4. proof of financial situation ( pay stub or w2 with blacked out SSN )

5. contact information for current employer

6. brief personal statement that explains why you should be selected for our scholarship program.