From professional athletes to professional musicians, to professional engineers, training is what sets the good apart from the great. The IBG Institute understands the importance of proper training when preparing students for today’s I.T. workforce, and emphasizes consistent training over an extended period of time.

Our training methodology throws traditional academic practices out of the window. We expose the students to a real challenge and test their ability to persevere and push through to deliver solutions. We create a microcosm of the real I.T. world, where almost nothing is completely concrete or “done”, and very little documentation exists for assistance.

The IBG Institute offers free 4-6 month training programs and paid 1-month programs. Both types of program employ the same experiential learning focus, with the 1-month providing additional emphasis on terminology and application of best practices. The 4-6 month program is designed to take students from “beginner” to “employable”. The 1-month fast-track program is designed around the job itself and includes job-placement assistance.